Advanced and tailored solutions for merchant acquiring

Coxipayments Expert Acquiring Solution offers technologically advanced payment acquiring services specifically designed to meet diverse needs of Payment Service Providers for merchant acquiring.
  •   Quick onboarding
      Competitive Rates
      Flexible payment schedule
      Personal Account Manager
      Expert support 24/7
      Constantly investing in innovation

Wide range of industries

Coxipayments provides solutions for wide range of industries, including financial, gaming and gambling, Forex, and much more.

Multi-currency processing

Coxipayments supports transactions in
different currencies: USD, EUR,GBP, AUD,
and others.

Global processing

Our in-house solutions are designed to
support domestic and international
processing for online payments
across the globe.

Secure technologies

Coxipayments’s fraud prevention and risk management technologies adhere to the highest security standards for online payment services

Industry specifics

Assistance with chargeback processing, Competitive rates starting from IC+0.3%, Dedicated Account Manager and expert support 24h a day, 7 days a week, Custom reports and Flexible payment schedule, Expert Secure processing with integrated 3D Secure, Original Credit Transaction (OCT) and MoneySend, Recurring billing, Mail Order and Telephone Order payments (MOTO), Dynamic Descriptor, Airline Addendum, Multi-currency processing

We work with companies from the following industries

  • Travel and entertainment merchants
  • Financial and insurance services
  • Gambling and betting
  • Social networking
  • IT services
  • Mainstream eCommerce
One-click Payments
OCT & MoneySend
Recurring billing
Mail & Mobpayments
Dynamic Descriptor
Pay Link & Invoice
Airline Addendum
3D Secure payment
Fraud Risk Management
Dispute Management
Chargeback Processing

Are you new to Card Payments ?

It’s simple to start with Coxipayments

If you are looking to start taking payments online and open merchant account, we understand this can be an overwhelming process.
To make it easier, our experienced customer advisors will guide you through the process and choose the best option for your needs.
To speak to our advisors, contact us.

Our all-powerful API

Coxipayments manages in-house API platform to support all possible customer project requirements in automation of payments and operations. Available to gamble by means of best real money online casino australia. We constantly develop new API functions, which are automatically available for all clients.

Supported Platforms with our plugin






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